Terrific Trailer Treat

Sorry i havent posted since...when ah? Wednesday? Yeah. Been busy. Not to mention stupid internet acted up yesterday. Didn't get to post the Heroes recap this week. I'll do that maybe tonight or tomorrow. But to end this mini hiatus of mine, here's a trailer treat. Not 1, not 2 but 3 brand spankin' new trailers for you to check out. Sorry if they load slow. I just couldn't resist posting all three at once.

First one is....WATCHMEN.

I didn't know of this movie til quite recently and when I did, I thought 'oh boy, another comic book movie'. Like we haven't been swamped with those lately huh? But since then I've been waiting for the trailer to be released. And I was not disappointed. So, Watchmen is based on a DC "graphic novel" (just a fancy-schmancy name for comic book). The movie is from the director of "300" and you can definitely see that is very apparent in the trailer. There are some awesome shots where the effects are so 300-ish. But something is so so wrong. The superheroes in this look so lame and stupid. The costumes look horrible. Especially the Batman wannabe dude. But overall, the movie looks like its gonna be soo good. Cant wait til it comes out on 5 March 2009 in M'sia and a day later stateside.

"The world will look up and shout SAVE US. And I'll whisper...No."

This is a brand new trailer. Different one from before. Promise.

"But I am the Chosen One". Hahaha.

Dance Flick
Being a Wayans Bros. movie, you can count on this one to be stupid but funny. I think this is a spoof on previous dance themed movies like "Step Up" and "You Got Served" but I'm not sure. It is, however, definitely a dance themed stupid comedy. Look out for this one in February of next year.

"Mommy loves you, pumpkin."

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