Heroes 3.04: "I Am Become Death"

So Thursday last come chapter has bad England. "I Am Become Death" But I no understand. That chapter all heroes and bad people has good England. I Am Become Confuse.

Okay. I'll stop myself here before I chase away any of the few readers I have. I apologize. I'm lame. Sorry.

So did you watch it on Thursday? I thought it was the most epic chapter so far. Why?

The future is messed up (but cool I say). So this is what the future is like. Everybody flies. Yeah. Anybody can acquire abilities.  Sylar becomes such a goodie innocent man with a son who sadly gets killed. This sparks a a nuclear meltdown by Sylar that blows up Costa Verde. Not before Peter gets Sylar's ability though (in the lamest of fashions). Claire with her new partner, the Haitian succeeds in killing Peter. But luckily its just future Peter. The weird thing was that Matt and Daphne were married and had a baby and were raising Molly. But Daphne dies in Matt's arms after she wasn't fast enough to fully escape the nuclear explosion.

Tracy Strauss. We find out that she is one of three identical triplets along with the dead Niki and Barbara who has yet to appear on the show. The triplets were experiment subjects by Dr. Zimmerman when they were babies. Apparently their abilities were given to them and were not natural.

President Nathan Petrelli. Yeap. Future Nathan is President and is married to Tracy. And due to the hunger caused by Sylar's ability, Peter does the Sylar trademark pointy-finger-slicey-open-head thingy on Nathan and kills him.

Adam Monroe dug up. Takezo Kensei is baaack! But I can tell you this. Not for long. Why? Because the most powerful character in the series so far in my opinion, will be making a return next week.

Next week, in "Angels and Monsters" find out then who is this character that makes everybody else shiver with fright when in his presence. Even when he is bed-ridden. Whoa!

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