Heroes 3.01: "The Second Coming" Recap

Did you catch the season premiere of Heroes on Star World last night? If not, then stop reading right here. Watch it first. Then read this.

So, FINALLY right? Its been so long since Volume 2. Stupid writers strike.

Did you like the chapter? Did it live up to your expectations? It did for me. So what did we find put last night?

Interestingly, we found out that Sylar is the brother of Barack Obama. Okay, no. He's a friggin' PETRELLI!!! Holy crap balls. I didn't see that one coming. Did you?

Imagine. Gabriel 'Sylar' Petrelli. Freaky.

So what else happened?

Sylar Doesn't Eat Brains. I knew it! Its always too stupid to make the villain for the past two volumes just eat human brains. The best part of this chapter was when Sylar was looking at Claire's brains.

Claire: Are you gonna eat it?
Sylar: Eat your brain? Claire, thats disgusting.

Another thing that i found out this season is what Sylar's true powers are. But that comes later.

Future Ando Kills Future Hiro. Very surprising. But I'm sure there's a totally, perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Its Heroes for crying out loud! Shit like this'll happen. My theory is that Ando spends too much time with Elle. Haha. We'll see what happens.

New Character. We meet Hiro's 'nemesis', Daphne in this chapter. If you like her, you're in for a treat. She'll be featuring regularly this Volume. The problem i have is that how can she talk and see and interact with Hiro, who supposedly 'bends the time/space continuum', (basically stop time la). I know she's really super fast and all, but if time is stopped, she shouldn't be able to move at all! Oh well. Heroes ain't based on a true story.

Claire is Special. According to the new Petrelli, she "can never die". And now that he's got her power, neither can he. And since Peter's absorbed her power, he can't die either. So the Petrelli trifecta looks pretty healthy.

Just a little precaution, as the chapters come thick and fast the next couple of weeks, the line between good and evil will become thinner and thinner. You can never be sure this volume. The 'hero' you liked might turn out to be a 'villain' and the 'villain' you hate might just defect to the good side.

Next week.
3.02: "The Butterfly Effect".

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