More Bourne at Twilight?

Its official. Universal Pictures have bought the rights to the Jason Bourne character and has signed a first-look deal on any upcoming books. So we are in store for a fourth Bourne film, out in the summer of 2010 most probably. Possible upcoming titles could be The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Betrayal and The Bourne Sanction. And another thing possibly happening in the future is the Bourne franchise taking the path of the Bond franchise. What I mean is that now that Universal have the rights to practically everything, there might be more than just one or two more sequels. Maybe over 20 more to come? Who knows? Bond did it, by recasting. I don't want to see Jason Bourne recasted though. Matt Damon is the perfect guy.

Twilight just went through its first weekend in America and the buzz and predictions for the movie were spot on. Earning $35mil on its opening day in the US and a total of $70.6mil over the weekend. And to Twilight fans, here's a treat. The studio has announced two sequels are to come. And lookie here, Twilight is the second highest grossing vampire movie after Will Smith's I Am Legend.

1. I Am Legend - $77.2M opening - $256.3M cume
2. Twilight - $70.55M (projected)
3. Van Helsing - $51.7M cume - $120.1M opening
4. Interview with the Vampire - $36.3M opening - $105.2M cume
5. Blade II - $32.5M opening - $82.3M cume
6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula - $30.5M opening - $82.5M cume
7. Underworld: Evolution - $26.8M opening - $62.3M cume
8. Underworld – $21.7M opening - $51.9M cume
9. Blade – $17M opening - $70M cume
10. Blade: Trinity - $16M opening - $52.4M cume

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