Lost and Found

Okay. Very quickly my history of following the award-winning show, ''Lost''.
Season 1: Followed so closely my eyes were glued to the screen.
Season 2: I started to lose it.
Season 3: I became completely Lost. Didn't watch a single episode of that season.
Season 4: I was found again. Watched a Season 3 recap episode and I was back in it. Alas, I never finished the season.

And just to make it clear, I'm done. No more "Lost" for me. No more comebacks. I'm doing this post just for the potential avid "Lost" followers out there who will be reading this. So, this is for you Louis. Haha. Do you still follow "Lost"??

If you do, then set your calendar for season 5 due to be released 21 January 2009. Yeah. The agony continues.

Here's a sneek peak at the upcoming season.

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