Terror In Mumbai

So have you been following news about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai? Last I heard the 3-day siege is finally over and the death toll is around 195 dead and almost 400 wounded.

Three days ago, somewhere around 60 gunmen stormed ten separate locations around Mumbai, India armed with AK-47s and grenades. They took hostages in The Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels as well as a Jewish center, also randomly fired there weapons and lobbing grenades in a train station killing scores of innocents.

So far one militant group by the name of Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for this cowardly attack on the people and city of Mumbai. As of me writing this, there is still no information on the motive of this attack. But it is said that they were targeting American and British citizens in the hotels. Last I saw, 15 foreigners have been killed.

I've compiled a few shots from a site that was submitted to Digg. See all the 35 pictures HERE. These are terrifying images. A few may not be suitable for some people. So view them at your own discretion.

Join the cause on Facebook. In Rememberance of the Mumbai Blasts.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people of India and the families of victims of this horrendous attack.

First look at Gambit

Short post again today. I have a headache and I need to study. Played in MUL this morning. My team, Flying Naan are still unbeaten with a 4-0 record. Today we beat Nottingham Oops 15-3 and Satu Lagi 14-10.

Anyways, if you're an X-Men fan, you'll like to see this. Taken from Empire magazine, this is a first look at Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) from next summer's blockbuster, X-Men Origins: Wolverine due for release May 1st.

How many bricks can a guy on a boat stack on his head?

By the looks of it, 20 friggin' bricks. I wouldn't like to have his job though. Talk about occupational hazard.

Terminator Salvation Cool Poster

Take a look at this awesome combo poster by Sony Pictures for the upcoming film Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale. Due for release 22 May 2009 in USA and 28 May 2009 in Malaysia.

Click HERE for a special version of the poster.

Be patient. Let it load.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I Am Sequel?

Its been rumored that Will Smith had come up with the idea to have a prequel to his smash film, I Am Legend (2007). The prequel was supposedly going to be set a few years before IAL when there were a few groups of survivors. And it would go on to show how Smith's character failed to save them and become the 'only man left on Earth'.

The studio wasn't so keen on this idea. So, now they've apparently mixed some ideas up a little bit. And out came the idea of a sequel.

I don't know about you, but personally, I find it very hard to picture a sequel to a movie where its leading actor dies at the end of the movie, blowing himself up along with the tens of zombies who were just about to have him for lunch.

We'll just have to wait and see. But I's like another one of these movies from Smith. He needs a rebound from Hancock which was unbelievably terrible. This pre/sequel or whatever its gonna be, may be it.

Prison Break coming to an end?

Have Michael Scofield and his gang of "cons" broken out of prison for the last time? Well thats what Louis told me a couple days ago. Thanks for the heads up man. Well as we all know, stuff like this are almost always rumors and can't be trusted although is pretty fun to talk about.

Other "rumors" have included that this season would only be 14 episodes long (short). I was like shocked. Thats means two more episodes left before we never see Prison Break again. At least give me some time to let the news settle in then end the show. But apparently, that rumor is not true. The network, I dunno who, ABC or NBC, doesn't matter, have ordered 22 episodes for this season. Thats confirmed. So we have at least 10 episodes left til we possibly say bye bye.

There is also a rumor that there will be an extra 2 hours added on to the 22-episodes. What does that mean? Is the studio that produces PB getting ready for a grand series finale before they cut the show? Well nobody knows but them.

I know many people would be glad to have the show come to an end. Being draggy and too long and getting old and getting boring....bla bla bla. I actually don't mind seeing Michael getting his butt put back into jail then coming up with an incredibly ingenius plan to escape which will be plenty flawed but of course, luck and the script is always on their side ain't it? Well maybe not this time.

If you love Prison Break, brace yourself for the worst. But we still have a long ways to go til the season ends. PB will go on a winter break on December 22nd but will be back in spring of next year with the remaining 6 episodes.

For now, lets just enjoy Michael, Scylla, the General and the rest of it all.

Efficiency of Malaysian emergency services

I know this is totally irrelevant to my blog but I thought that everyone out there reading this should know what I witnessed first-hand last night.

I've lived in the place I'm staying at right now for the past 17 years of my like. Thats like 94.44% of my life in the same apartment, the same room, looking out the same window. I've seen many things in my life- the 30-storey condo across the street get built from scratch, lightning hit a tree by the street below, that same tree get uprooted by wind, a lamp post get uprooted, a car taking a nose-dive into a ditch, an 18-wheeler crashing onto its side and many, numerous, countless accidents involving cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, you name it.

Many have been simple and minor like a little nick on the bumper by the car behind, stuff like that. Some, not many, have been quite serious. Like the aforementioned car crashing into a ditch. That one needed the service of an ambulance. I still remember vividly that the passengers got loaded onto gurneys and were loaded onto the ambulance.

Which brings me to last night's incident. I'll try to make this short and simple to read. I heard the three common sounds in the usual order- 1. screeching of tires, 2. honking of car horn, 3. gnashing sound of metal coming together. And me being a true Malaysian, a busybody, I went to my window and looked down.

Hmmm, how do I describe this? Okay so imagine a taxi in the middle of a T-junction. A motorcycle all bent and bashed by the right side of the front of the taxi. And about ten meters to the left of the taxi, were two people sprawled on the road.

Of course I saw all this after the fact and I started to interpret what I saw and I made up my own scenario. Here is what I think happened.

The taxi came out of a side road and intended on making a right turn to get onto the main road. In Malaysia if you want to make a right turn, you would have to cross one side of the road, which has a traffic flow going to the left, to get to the other side right? So having made it past the side of the road which is meant for traffic going to the left, the taxi barely made it onto the correct side of the road before being rammed by a motorcycle coming from the right. Being on the side of the road where traffic was coming from the left, and having the mangled motorcycle on the right side, the obvious assumption I made was that the motorcylce was flying down the wrong side of the road when it hit the taxi.

I said the bike was on the right of the taxi and the rider and his/her passenger were on the left side of the taxi. So what do you think happened? I think that the rider and the passenger were flung from the bike, across the hood (bonnet) of the taxi, and hit the ground on the other side, ten meters away.

And then after that people started to stop their cars and bikes and crowded in the middle of the road, backing the traffic up quite a ways on both sides. In the first ten minutes one of the victims on the road didn't move at all, I thought the worst but thought that he/she must've been unconscious seeing that the people around that person were not freaking out that much. The other victim was also on the ground, didn't get up but was moving at least.

It may have been the taxi fault or the motorcyclist was insanely stupid but I don't care and I will never know. So thats almost it for the story. Belowis the real point of this post. Check out the short chronology of what happened.

2020- Crash occurs.
2022- Decided to time the emergency services.
2023- Crowd begins to gather and attempt to help.
2035- Police show up. Start to handle traffic.
2037- Mysterious van shows up.
2040- Injured riders carried into the van.
2041- Van speeds off.
2042- Motorcyclists unite and taxi drivers unite and start to argue.
2050- Sirens heard from afar.
2051- Ambulance arrive at scene to be told by the crowd that the injured persons had been taken to the hospital already.


The ambulance came, what, a full half-hour after the accident? And 10 minutes after the victims had been taken away...How can they be called an emergency service when emergencies as serious as a motorcycle accident are not tended to quickly enough?

Luckily, someone had a van to take the hurt people to the hospital. Who knows, they might not have had the ten minutes. It might have been the difference between making it thru the night and not. I may be overdramatizing this but with things like these, we never know. Especially when you're looking on from a window near the top of an apartment building.

Lets just hope the two are alright.

For Your Consideration

Its started. The race to the Oscars. A few days ago, Warner Bros. released for your consideration posters for The Dark Knight for Best Picture and Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor. Here are the awesome awesome posters.

The Academy Award ballots willed be mailed on December 26th, polls close on January 12th, nominees announced January 22nd and the Oscars will be on February 22nd.

More Bourne at Twilight?

Its official. Universal Pictures have bought the rights to the Jason Bourne character and has signed a first-look deal on any upcoming books. So we are in store for a fourth Bourne film, out in the summer of 2010 most probably. Possible upcoming titles could be The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Betrayal and The Bourne Sanction. And another thing possibly happening in the future is the Bourne franchise taking the path of the Bond franchise. What I mean is that now that Universal have the rights to practically everything, there might be more than just one or two more sequels. Maybe over 20 more to come? Who knows? Bond did it, by recasting. I don't want to see Jason Bourne recasted though. Matt Damon is the perfect guy.

Twilight just went through its first weekend in America and the buzz and predictions for the movie were spot on. Earning $35mil on its opening day in the US and a total of $70.6mil over the weekend. And to Twilight fans, here's a treat. The studio has announced two sequels are to come. And lookie here, Twilight is the second highest grossing vampire movie after Will Smith's I Am Legend.

1. I Am Legend - $77.2M opening - $256.3M cume
2. Twilight - $70.55M (projected)
3. Van Helsing - $51.7M cume - $120.1M opening
4. Interview with the Vampire - $36.3M opening - $105.2M cume
5. Blade II - $32.5M opening - $82.3M cume
6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula - $30.5M opening - $82.5M cume
7. Underworld: Evolution - $26.8M opening - $62.3M cume
8. Underworld – $21.7M opening - $51.9M cume
9. Blade – $17M opening - $70M cume
10. Blade: Trinity - $16M opening - $52.4M cume


I just visited Failblog.org and they've got some funny ass pics and vids there. Check it out some time. Here are a few pics that caught my eye and sense of humor. 100% guaranteed LOLs. Click to enlarge pics if too small.

Orgasmic Chicken!!!

Yesterday after pickup a few of us went down to Kanna Curry House for some more of the awesome awesome chicken we had two weeks prior. Anyway, this post isn't about the chicken, its about Jiu Hwei's post about the chicken. Its freaking funny and tempting I swear. So check the post out!

Heroes 3.04: "I Am Become Death"

So Thursday last come chapter has bad England. "I Am Become Death" But I no understand. That chapter all heroes and bad people has good England. I Am Become Confuse.

Okay. I'll stop myself here before I chase away any of the few readers I have. I apologize. I'm lame. Sorry.

So did you watch it on Thursday? I thought it was the most epic chapter so far. Why?

The future is messed up (but cool I say). So this is what the future is like. Everybody flies. Yeah. Anybody can acquire abilities.  Sylar becomes such a goodie innocent man with a son who sadly gets killed. This sparks a a nuclear meltdown by Sylar that blows up Costa Verde. Not before Peter gets Sylar's ability though (in the lamest of fashions). Claire with her new partner, the Haitian succeeds in killing Peter. But luckily its just future Peter. The weird thing was that Matt and Daphne were married and had a baby and were raising Molly. But Daphne dies in Matt's arms after she wasn't fast enough to fully escape the nuclear explosion.

Tracy Strauss. We find out that she is one of three identical triplets along with the dead Niki and Barbara who has yet to appear on the show. The triplets were experiment subjects by Dr. Zimmerman when they were babies. Apparently their abilities were given to them and were not natural.

President Nathan Petrelli. Yeap. Future Nathan is President and is married to Tracy. And due to the hunger caused by Sylar's ability, Peter does the Sylar trademark pointy-finger-slicey-open-head thingy on Nathan and kills him.

Adam Monroe dug up. Takezo Kensei is baaack! But I can tell you this. Not for long. Why? Because the most powerful character in the series so far in my opinion, will be making a return next week.

Next week, in "Angels and Monsters" find out then who is this character that makes everybody else shiver with fright when in his presence. Even when he is bed-ridden. Whoa!

Wonky internet connection

Although Fridays were meant to be devoted to Heroes recaps, it suck it'll be two weeks in a row that its not the case. The stupid connection is so slow and I really have no mood to do it. So maybe tomorrow afternoon or something. Just a short post today then. A trailer and a teaser. 


Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (1 July 2009)

Astro Boy (23 October 2009)

Star Trek Trailer

Finally the trailer is out. Its so funny seeing Sylar and Harold in the same movie. A movie like Star Trek. But in the trailer it doesnt look like a Star Trek movie one bit. Heh. Check it out for yourself. Due out 8 May 2009 in USA. Should be released simultaneously here.

"My name is James Tiberius Kirk"

Quantum of Solace

Badass poster huh? So, I finally caught the latest 007 flick the other day. I went into the cinema with tons of bad comments made about the movie by various people to me. 

Well I can understand what Yew Eng meant when he made the remark that James Bond should be suave and classy and all. And it was hilarious when Sakif pointed out that in previous Bonds they all hold pistols with silencers and stuff like that right? In this one Daniel Craig's holding a friggin' AK47! Hahahaha. In this poster.

So bearing in mind all the 'reviews' made of the movie to me, what is my take on this? Well there's two ways to look at this. Isn't there always?

One way of course is to look at this movie just like any other person out there. James Bond is supposed to be classy, suave and not aggressive and violent. Excuse me people. Do you know what 007 means? Its his licence to kill. But okay he goes a bit overboard with that this time. So if you absolutely adored Pierce Brosnan, you probably hate Daniel Craig as Bond. My honest opinion however, is that I love Daniel Craig. Maybe better than Brosnan. I love the new Bond.

New Bond you say? What new Bond? Well actually the 'new' Bond is the early early Bond. Confused? Allow me to explain if you don't already know this.

Quantum of Solace is the direct sequel of Casino Royale (2006) and they share the same timeline. Literally QoS begins like a few minutes after where CR left off. In CR, it was Bond's first ever mission. What does that mean? Bond was a new, fresh, raw 00 agent. This is the explanation for him being the violent, aggressive killer he is in both CR and QoS. Plus the fact that he lost the woman he loved in CR, Vesper Lynd. Which explains why in other Bond films he never gets attached to any woman. Hence to numerous Bond girls. Haha. So really quickly, the Bond portrayed by Pierce Brosnan is the 'experencied', 'matured' one, years after the one portrayed by Daniel Craig.

So about the movie, Quantum of Solace. I agreed with the numerous people who complained they didn't get enough of the Aston Martin. Beautiful. And the part where Bond is chasing the Quantum insider who tried to kill M and they end up hanging from ropes trying to reach for their guns, I felt was a scene very similar to what we would see if Jackie Chan was in Cirque du Soleil. 

I thought the cinematography was exceptionally good and gave the audience a real sense of urgency and danger. Other than the times it made me a little dizzy. Haha. I was good. 

The acting was well done. Again, I love Daniel Craig. If you notice, he has his own type of classy-ness in his swagger and all. Olga Kurylenko, I thought did a good job with her South American accent. I especially liked Mattheiu Amalric in his portrayal of the antagonist Dominic Greene. He hust looked like a raving mad lunatic that was under control didn't he? Well that lunatic side of him was unleashed when he was fighting Bind in the burning hotel. I just loved the crazy screaming.

This being an action movie, it didn't disappoint. I loved the fact that in this movie there was a rooftop chase scene, a car chase scene, a boat chase scene and a plane chase scene. Friggin' awesome. Should've had a bike chase, a train chase, a helicopter chase, maybe even a space rocket chase. Then the movie would be complete. Haha.

Some stuff I was disappointed with or didn't like.
No catchphrase of Bond...James Bond.
Aston Martin treated badly.
James Bond falling through glass and ceilings and whatnot and still fit as a horse.
Camille Montes' gross scars on her back during the pier scene. Later explained that she was in a fire as a child. Made her look like Mohinder Suresh though. Haha.

I read somewhere, forgot where, that "It's a good action movie but not a good Bond movie". I can agree and disagree on this. It is a good action movie. No doubt about it. Not a good Bond movie? Questionable. If you're comparing to the typical Pierce Brosnan Bond, then CR and QoS aren't your cup of tea. But if you're the kind of person that appreciates the story behind everything, you'll appreciate the story of Bond early on in his espionage career and think this was a good film. Like me. So two different ways to look at it. And I find myself rating another movie in different ways again.

As an action flick, 4 out of 5 popcorns.
As a Bond film, 3.5 out of 5 popcorns.

Overall the movie for me was 3.75 out of 5 popcorns.

And I say the movie is well worth paying for to watch.

Please VOTE for my friends and I!

Okay so you might have seen the Backstreet Boys video of me, Louis, Kevin, Yew Eng and Nick on my Facebook page. Or somewhere else la. And Louis out of the blue submitted the video into a contest on www.kakiis.com. A Moment With Your Kakiis. So far our video stands at 3rd place. It was 1st like yesterday. So we really need your votes. So please help us.

I tried embedding the video on my blog but the stupid thing doesn't work and I don't wanna hang your comp like how it did mine. So here's the URL.

VOTE VOTE VOTE! Pretty please. Haha.

Mully Matchday 1

Awesome. My long-awaited first post on Ultimate.

So this past Saturday was the first day of competition for the Malaysian Ultimate League (MUL) nicknamed Mully. I was part of the Flying Naan team and we did well. Check out all the results from Matchday 1.

Not too shabby eh? Flying Naan won both their games. Against two of the toughest opponents in the league.

Early on we are leading the pack with a 2-0 record. But I stress again, its still early stages in the league. There are still eight games to be played

So on Saturday I got my mom to get up early to send me all the way to Cheras for the games which were to start at 800am. I thought we wold have trouble finding the place but it wasn't to difficult a task. Got there a few mins before 8am. Quickly put my cleats on and warmed up. Before long, the first game against the INTEC Wildcats started.

Funny enough, I was feeling nervous and under a lot of pressure. So too was Yew Eng which was weird. When we were playing, it really affected us. We dropped a few and didn't manage to D-up well enough. I saw Yew Eng make a nice pass to Joanne to score though.

Enough about our jittery nerves then. How did we do in the game? Early on, it was very apparent people weren't as warmed up as we would like to have been and were making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately for us, the Wildcats were incredibly lucky. Everytime there was a fumble, they managed to save and gain control of the disc eventhough it looked like they were juggling. Especially their women! Speaking of which, we only had three women on that day. And in line with the rules, every team was required to field at least three women at any given time. That meant that all of our women, Joanne, Jessica and Josephine were required to play every point of both our hour-long games. They did really well!!! In the first half, the score was tight. At one point I think we were even down by a point. We were very slow to warm up. But we managed to make half-time at a score of 7-3. In the second half we were much more collected and we bettered our play, especially or defense. We pulled away and INTEC never had a chance. The score ended up being 10-5. A comfortable victory all in all.

We then got a break from play before the next game. Which was the almighty KBU. Initially I was quite intimidated. I had witnessed the awesome flow and teamwork during pickup at KBU in the previous weeks. To add to that right before our game with them, they swept aside Satu Lagi 11-6.

Going into the KBU game I knew it was a must win game as KBU were one of Naan's main rivals. In a nutshell, the KBU game was probably a more comfortable game than the Wildcats game in spite of the scoreline. Eventhough we conceded 6 goals, our defense was better than in the INEC game. Our 'rabbit' 'D'-play totally shut down the hucks. Good job 'rabbits', Murali and Justin. Another factor that made our victory was that our rabbit play ate up time as all KBU did was keep possession and swung the disc from side to side. In the end we came out victorious 8.5-6.


Funny score huh? Allow me to explain. Every point in the game that a team has one less female player, they get penalized 0.5 points. So because of injury, Joanne was not able to play 3 points. Thus that incurred a 1.5 point penalty. So actually, we scored 10 goals. But no matter. We still won anyways and the ladies did really well.

At the end of the day I felt that i did a good job. In the KBU game I felt I up-ed my game and played pretty decent. I scored a total of three goals and two assists, which included the crappy-ass pass from Azran that made me lay out for the disc and then pass it on to Kit to score the point that brought half-time. That made me feel goood. Did I mention, I like laying out? Haha.

Check out some of the pics from Matchday 1. All the photos were taken from Belacak. Check the rest out here.

Here's whats lined up for us on Matchday 2 (29th Nov).

StartEndField 1Field 2
08:00 AM09:00 AMFlying Naan v OopsKBU v Wildcats
09:20 AM10:20 AMEl Ninos v WildcatsFlying Naan v Satu Lagi
10:40 AM11:40 PMOops v Satu LagiEl Ninos v KBU

I can't wait.

Oh My God I think I just shat my pants

Look at how friggin' crazy this shit is. Would you have the balls to do this? I don't know if I do but I sure as hell would wanna find out. Haha.

Check out Wingsuit BASE Diving.

Heroes 3.03: "One Of Us, One Of Them" Recap

First off, kinda made a mistake last week when I didn't talk about 3.02: "The Butterfly Effect" when I should've. Oh well. Lets just move on to 3.03, interestingly named "One Of Us, One Of Them". In this chapter, the title depicts the Modus Operandi of The Company. One normal human agent and one agent with abilities work in pairs to take down the villains.

So lets jump straight into things  shall we? What happened on Thursday night? Not that much actually.

Sylar and HRG make a great team: Don't you think so?? They looked so cool when they walked towards the bank with Sylar in a suit. And when Sylar came into the bank to help HRG, I felt so empowered when he kicked the robbers' butts. Haha. Too bad there's little more of this in coming chapters.

Pikachu and Nemesis are cute: I swear everytime those two talk its so hilarious and cute.

Micah is back: But only for that one scene at the funeral house. Booo. I want more Micah.

Future Peter comes to his senses: And releases present Peter from the body of the escapee and bank robber, Jesse.

Thats it for this week folks.

Next week, 3.04 "I Am Become Death".

I has teribel Ingrish.

Terrific Trailer Treat

Sorry i havent posted since...when ah? Wednesday? Yeah. Been busy. Not to mention stupid internet acted up yesterday. Didn't get to post the Heroes recap this week. I'll do that maybe tonight or tomorrow. But to end this mini hiatus of mine, here's a trailer treat. Not 1, not 2 but 3 brand spankin' new trailers for you to check out. Sorry if they load slow. I just couldn't resist posting all three at once.

First one is....WATCHMEN.

I didn't know of this movie til quite recently and when I did, I thought 'oh boy, another comic book movie'. Like we haven't been swamped with those lately huh? But since then I've been waiting for the trailer to be released. And I was not disappointed. So, Watchmen is based on a DC "graphic novel" (just a fancy-schmancy name for comic book). The movie is from the director of "300" and you can definitely see that is very apparent in the trailer. There are some awesome shots where the effects are so 300-ish. But something is so so wrong. The superheroes in this look so lame and stupid. The costumes look horrible. Especially the Batman wannabe dude. But overall, the movie looks like its gonna be soo good. Cant wait til it comes out on 5 March 2009 in M'sia and a day later stateside.

"The world will look up and shout SAVE US. And I'll whisper...No."

This is a brand new trailer. Different one from before. Promise.

"But I am the Chosen One". Hahaha.

Dance Flick
Being a Wayans Bros. movie, you can count on this one to be stupid but funny. I think this is a spoof on previous dance themed movies like "Step Up" and "You Got Served" but I'm not sure. It is, however, definitely a dance themed stupid comedy. Look out for this one in February of next year.

"Mommy loves you, pumpkin."

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