Heroes 3.03: "One Of Us, One Of Them" Recap

First off, kinda made a mistake last week when I didn't talk about 3.02: "The Butterfly Effect" when I should've. Oh well. Lets just move on to 3.03, interestingly named "One Of Us, One Of Them". In this chapter, the title depicts the Modus Operandi of The Company. One normal human agent and one agent with abilities work in pairs to take down the villains.

So lets jump straight into things  shall we? What happened on Thursday night? Not that much actually.

Sylar and HRG make a great team: Don't you think so?? They looked so cool when they walked towards the bank with Sylar in a suit. And when Sylar came into the bank to help HRG, I felt so empowered when he kicked the robbers' butts. Haha. Too bad there's little more of this in coming chapters.

Pikachu and Nemesis are cute: I swear everytime those two talk its so hilarious and cute.

Micah is back: But only for that one scene at the funeral house. Booo. I want more Micah.

Future Peter comes to his senses: And releases present Peter from the body of the escapee and bank robber, Jesse.

Thats it for this week folks.

Next week, 3.04 "I Am Become Death".

I has teribel Ingrish.

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