Prison Break coming to an end?

Have Michael Scofield and his gang of "cons" broken out of prison for the last time? Well thats what Louis told me a couple days ago. Thanks for the heads up man. Well as we all know, stuff like this are almost always rumors and can't be trusted although is pretty fun to talk about.

Other "rumors" have included that this season would only be 14 episodes long (short). I was like shocked. Thats means two more episodes left before we never see Prison Break again. At least give me some time to let the news settle in then end the show. But apparently, that rumor is not true. The network, I dunno who, ABC or NBC, doesn't matter, have ordered 22 episodes for this season. Thats confirmed. So we have at least 10 episodes left til we possibly say bye bye.

There is also a rumor that there will be an extra 2 hours added on to the 22-episodes. What does that mean? Is the studio that produces PB getting ready for a grand series finale before they cut the show? Well nobody knows but them.

I know many people would be glad to have the show come to an end. Being draggy and too long and getting old and getting boring....bla bla bla. I actually don't mind seeing Michael getting his butt put back into jail then coming up with an incredibly ingenius plan to escape which will be plenty flawed but of course, luck and the script is always on their side ain't it? Well maybe not this time.

If you love Prison Break, brace yourself for the worst. But we still have a long ways to go til the season ends. PB will go on a winter break on December 22nd but will be back in spring of next year with the remaining 6 episodes.

For now, lets just enjoy Michael, Scylla, the General and the rest of it all.

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MaJa said...

i love the series. but as you said. the storyline has been draggy.. and im bored watching already.. however i still would watch them.. ive watch 4 seasons of this series , it's natural to wat how the series ends.. hoping this will be the last season..

Michael J. Campton said...

yeh. everyone is saying that. but it feels like prison break is part of my life already. hahaha! i dont know what would take its place if it were to end.

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