Heroes Season 3 on Star World

I've been meaning to post about Heores ever since i started blogging but i decided to wait til it premiered here in Malaysia. I was willing to wait because this time around, Star World is bringing Heroes to Asia pretty fast. When it premieres at 10pm, November 6 (Thursday) on Astro channel 711, 7 episodes and less than two months would have passed since the premiere in the U.S. Not bad right? Star World must have dished out tons of cash to bring the series to Asia releatively early if when compared to how long it took for the last two seasons to reach our shores.

Although i have been keeping up to date with the show since its premiere in the US, i will not provide any spoilers for those wanting to follow it on Star World. But hopefully, I will be able to write up a recap after each episode on Thursday nights. Cant wait for the premiere?? Here's a little sneak preview/synopsis of the season. It is safe though, as i will not spoil it for any of you.

In season 3, appropriately named "Villains", the whole "Save the world" thing is still very much full steam ahead. But its darker and more complicated then ever before. Not too complicated though. Peter Petrelli, thought of as the main protagonist in the series, as well as the rest if the heroes have their jobs cut out for them this season. We come to know more about LEVEL 5, The Company's super high tech, super high security, super max "prison" as well as the super villains kept inside them. But somehow, the villains escape and thats when the story gets up and running. In this season its like each charater has its own personal story or mission. Peter has his own, Suresh (watch out for him) has his own agendas, Matt Parkman goes far away from the US in a 'spiritual journey' and of course, Hiro alongside Ando are at it again trying to save the world. This season gets you thinking and gets you to come up with your own theories as we go into the future, see light turn to dark and dark to light. Who will prevail?? I know. Three letters.


Haha. Which begs the question...how long will the network keep the series going? Will they continue to reap the profits the show is making for much longer and allow the show to lose its buzz and storyline? Or will they decide to end the show soon...with a bang? I think it'll be the former, but personally prefer the latter. Its been a good two years and three season. There might be room for just one more season but anymore than that, expect another "Lost". So hopefully NBC closes the story on Peter and the gang and replace it with a BRAND NEW "HEROES". Til then, continuing to save cheerleaders and the world ain't so bad.

Check out the trailer for "Villains"


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