'The Spirit' Review, Not So Spirited After All

I never knew a movie that looked so good could be so bad. 'The Spirit' in all its pre-release marketing glory looked really good and artsy-fartsy. Just look at the poster on the left. I'm not gonna lie to you, everything in the movie DOES look good. The lighting, the graphic designs, the mood it sets. Unfortunately, those are the best things about the movie. Right from the get-go, everything was just too cartoon-ish. When it came time for The Spirit (Gabriel Macht) and The Octopus (Sam Jackson) to have their first fight scene, it really sunk in that this was not going to be a Sin City at all.

The only thing that likens The Spirit to Sin City is its never-ending surprises (and of course, its graphics). These Frank Miller films along with 300 have proven quite unpredictable. Sadly for The Spirit, unpredictable in more bad ways than good.

Just to name a few flaws, the movie was incredibly cliched; dialogue was non-purposeful; scenes started randomly and ended very abruptly most of the time. I also found many scenes that were completely unnecessary and added no extra zest to the wacky storyline.

The characters, in my opinion were just plain old boring and see through. All except Samuel L. Jackson's 'The Octopus'. No matter how bad a film is, I can never get enough of Sam Jackson going wacko in surgeon costumes and Nazi uniforms, putting his massive arsenal of firearms to use. Gabriel Macht was very very dull in his portrayal of the title character and we see more of his body (probably digitally enhanced, don't take my word for it) than his face. Have you ever seen a superhero movie where the lead character doesn't show his face? Ridiculous ain't it? Eva Mendes, for me, just doesn't fit the role of seductress Sand Saref. Scarlett Johansson's Silken Floss, sidekick to The Octopus, seems very rehearsed and one dimensional. And i really didn't get her purpose or motives for being The Octopus' sidekick.

With Iron Man and especially The Dark Knight bringing a whole new feel to the comic book, superhero genre, The Spirit was just a complete mess. Let's just hope Frank Miller's upcoming projects like the Buck Rogers remake and Sin City 2 brings back the credibility he gained from the first Sin City and of course 300.

Doctor's diagnosis : 2 out of 5 Popcorns

At the premiere screening of The Spirit, I got my hands on this Sand Saref (Eva Mendes) poster. If anybody wants it, just let me know.

2 comment/s:

Pison The Great said...

ZOMG, i restrained myself from yawning... :P

As you said, it was NEAR suicide.

Anonymous said...

the young eva mendez is facking hot..

i did fall asleep several times



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