Heroes 3.05: "Angels and Monsters"

So, I haven't done this for a while now. Its been a whole week since the last chapter, "Angels and Monsters". Lets talk about what happened last week.

Linderman is not a ghost. Yup, he's not back from the dead or anything. He's just imaginary. Matt's dad who we all know is a villain has been manipulating Nathan and Daphne's mind and making them see and hear Linderman. But why is Maury (Matt's dad) doing this? Because he works for a very much alive Arthur Petrelli. And it seems like Mr. Petrelli Sr. is incredibly powerful, from how afraid Maury is in front of him.

Mohinder going all Spidey on Maya. I'm glad Maya is out of the picture for the time being. I've always thought she adds absolutely nothing to the story and all she does is whine and have her eyeballs turn black. The bad news however, is that Mohinder is going bad really quick.

Did Hiro just kill bestie Ando?? Say whah?? Why did we see Hiro stab Ando clean through with a katana?? Well luckily for Ando, Hiro didn't really kill Ando. In the next episode which is airing as I write this there will be an explanation.

Thats it for tonite. Thanks for reading.

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