American Idol Season 8...million

Writing the title for this I forgot what season was coming up so I had to Google it. Haih. I wouldn't be surprised if the show did make it to its 8 millionth season. Okay, no. I would be surprised.

So, its nearing January. And we all know January is the start of the roller coaster ride on TV called 'American Idol'. Season 8, premiering 13 January 2009 will see a few changes.

Fourth Judge.
Yup. Someone new's coming to crash the Cowell party. Apparently, Kara DioGuardi was selected to be the fourth permanent judge on Idol to keep Simon from "always getting his own way".

Hollywood week actually in Hollywood. In previous seasons, "Hollywood week has always been shot in Pasadena. This season, it'll be shot in the Kodak Theater in LA.

Top 36! Instead of a Top 24 in the semi final stages, there will be 36 contestants vying for the 12 spots in the final.

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