The Dark Knight, Most Ridiculous Plot of 2008?

Its nearing that time again when we look back on the year that was in movies. Let's start of with the most ridiculous plots of 2008. The Guardian recently released their list of the 8 most outrageous of 08.









What a stunner! 3 out of 8 were superhero movies. The Guardian's list is truly funny. You should really check it out. Here's what they said about The Joker.

"Wait, so the Joker really orchestrated that big truck chase just so that he could get caught and go to prison, then he could kidnap that guard and grab his phone to make the call to set off the bomb he'd previously sewn inside the henchman in the next cell? That would kill the guy who stole the mobsters' money, thus enabling him to … er, what? Heath Ledger's Joker may have been a psychopath, but he had a nerdish capacity for forward planning."

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