Heroes 3.06: "Dying of the Light"

What happens in chapter 6 "Dying of the Light"? Keep on reading to check all the important things you caught or might've missed.

Super Villain of the Season! Arthur Petrelli. Whoda thunk it? So apparently he is telepathic and can absorb powers just like his two sons. Not the nice, polite way Peter does it but something more like the way Sylar does it; cruel, vicious and fatal. Arthur sucks Adam Monroe's regenerative powers out along with his life allowing Arthur to stand up and walk again after being bed-ridden. The cause of which will be explained in chapter 8. So being back to great health and fitness, Arthur goes on to suck Peter dry of his abilities. Well, after acquiring Sylar's power, Peter was going a little south so maybe it was for the best.

Villain of the Chapter. The Puppeteer's abilities are so cool. Don't you wish you had power like his? Don't deny it!

Ando Lives To Sidekick Another Day. Told you Ando would be lucky. Hiro's plan to convince Knox but save Ando's life at the same time was ingenius. Yata!

Brothers' Fight. Don't you just love to watch two people who were, in previous volumes considered the most powerful hero and the most powerful villain just fight it out? Its so entertaining to watch Peter and Sylar throw each other across the room and shoot bolts of lighting at one another. Fight scenes between these two should happen every chapter.

Quote of the Chapter. "High five, turtle."- Matt Parkman to his spirit guide on seeing Daphne at the airport.

What's To Come. Have you missed Elle (Kristen Bell)? Well she'll be back next chapter so look out for her and her electricity. Initial plans to kick Daphne (Brea Grant) off Heroes have been put away as you'll see much more of her in the next few weeks.

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