MUL Matchday 2

Last Saturday (29 Nov), it was the second matchday of Malaysia Ultimate League 08/09. Again, it was at Pudu Ulu Park, in Cheras. Sounds far, but on a Saturday morning, it took 'bout 15 mins from home. I was actually happy to be going back to Cheras. I liked playing there two weeks prior.

Just like the last time, the fields were wet from the downpour the nite before. Got there at 8 something, and as usual, got straight to warming up. Got my throws in with Adeno, Emily and Justin.

Just as David finished setting up the cones for the field, we got under way with the first game of the day against Nottingham Oops. It was obvious that we weren't warmed up yet from the way we were playing. At one point, we had to camped in front of our own endzone while Alvin and gang passed the disc around. But that didn't happen for long.

Soon we jumped into gear and started to score one after another. We put a "rabbit" D on them and got the disc back really quickly every point. I don't remember how many I scored, a few la. I do remember skying Alvin though. Haha.

In the end Naan came out victorious 15-3 over Nottingham Oops, with me scoring the game-ending point.

The next game was against Satu Lagi and i had anticipated a tough competitive game. I was surprised because at one point we were leading 14-5. But the game finally ended up 14-10 to Naan. We slacked in the dying minutes of the game and it cost us dear. As of Matchday 2, Naan are 4-0 and 3.5GD in front of the closest rival, KBU.

Below are all the scores for the day, the league table along with photos courtesy of Belacak and Rotiturbo. Interesting name...

Time Team A Score Team B
08:30 AM KBU Ultimate
10 - 4
08:30 AM Oops 3 - 15 Flying Naan
09:50 AM El Ninos 8 - 5 Wildcats
09:50 AM Flying Naan 14 -10 Satu Lagi
11:10 AM KBU Ultimate 9 - (-2.5)
El Ninos
11:10 AM Oops 4 - 13 Satu Lagi

Team P
Flying Naan 4
KBU Ultimate431
Satu Lagi 4
El Ninos42
Wildcats 4
1 3
Oops 4
4 -22.5

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