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Yesterday, I was going crazy after watching the teaser trailer for District 9. You can watch the trailer here or below. So today, Sony Pictures premiered this poster on Yahoo Movies!. The teaser poster is the first one for the movie and it has a picture of a shooting range target with an alien on it, with the tagline ‘You Are Not Welcome Here’.


This trailer is an alternative teaser where the face of the alien is not censored and there are subtitles so you can make out what the alien is saying.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, at least I hope you have, here are some details on this movie that has stayed pretty low-profile up until now. District 9 is based on a short movie called Alive In Joburg by Neill Blomkamp. The short film Alive In Joburg is about aliens crash landing in Johannesburg, South Africa and are forced to be refugees and live in terrible conditions by the government. The interesting thing about the movie is the way its shot- very handycam-like and its fake documentary style. In the movie we see the aliens with their faces censored and their ship in the sky over Johannesburg. In the District 9 trailer, we see that the government has somewhat ‘impounded’ the alien ship and prevented the alien from returning home. You can see the short film Alive In Joburg below, at the end of this post.

So who is Neill Blomkamp? He’s a South African born effects artist who was backed to be the director of the Halo project, which eventually died. He has never director a feature-length movie before which caused a lot of discertainty about him taking the reigns to the Halo movie. But for a long time, he’s been strongly backed by Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson, who is producing District 9. So in short, District 9 is the first big project of an unknown effects artist, whom Peter Jackson is a big fan of.

If the movie is anything like the trailer, or even Alive In Joburg, we’ll all be in for a real treat. District 9 hits theaters here and in the States August August 14.

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