Do you have RM250 to burn? Why not make a zombie movie?

cannes-2009-how-to-make-a-film-for-45-800-75Yes you read right. One of the biggest stories to have emerged from the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival was the British zombie film, Colin, produced by Nowhere Fast Productions. What is so special about this movie? Well, the entire budget used to produce the film came to an astonishing $70 or about RM250.

British filmmaker Marc Price spent a year and a half producing this film which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “low-budget”. As it premiered at Cannes, so much media buzz and interest was generated that Japanese and Hollywood distributors are looking to buy the rights to the film.

So how exactly did Price come about the idea to make this sort of movie? He said in an interview with CNN that he realized he would never be able to get enough cash to make even a “low-budget” film, so he wanted to make a “no-budget” film. So he advertised on Facebook and MySpace, looking for volunteer zombies to be in the film. To save money, he asked whoever he could to bring along their own make-up.

The film in itself is pretty unique as it is a zombie movie told from the perspective of a zombie. Take a look at the trailer and a short clip from the film below. Enjoy!

So what exactly did director Marc Price spend the $70 on? See what he tells CNN.

“We bought a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and I think we got some tea and coffee as well -- not the expensive stuff either, the very basic kind. Just to keep the zombies happy.”

You can read the CNN article here. Be sure to visit the official website and also, if you’re on Twitter, you can follow them at @ColinMovie. I’m on Twitter too so follow me at @mcampton for the latest movie updates and tons more of random things.

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