Where In The World Is Osama bin Laden?

I just watched this interesting documentary. The name itself is already intriguing enough. Its pretty obvious what the topic of the documentary's about. Does the name Morgan Spurlock ring a bell? How about Super-Size Me? Well Morgan Spurlock who did that, wrote and directed this film as well.

Honestly i had higher expectations of this one since i loved Super-Size Me. But i was a little bit disappointed on the humor aspect of the documentary. Other than the start of the movie and a few witty lines scattered all over the movie, it was quite mundane.

As for the general content of the documentary, i must say it was most fascinating. The movie starts out with Morgan finding out he's having a child with his partner (dunno if she's his wife or gf), and he goes on saying what kinda world will he be bringing his child into? A world filled with muggers, predators, religious cults, mother nature's acts of fury, but most frightening of all, a world with the the world's most wanted man still on the loose. Osama bin Laden. So he goes out on a trip across the mid-east, to countries like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan and finally Pakistan, to meet with and talk to people on what they think about America, the war on terror, al-Qaeda, tha Taliban and asking them if they knew where is OBL. The parts i liked most about the movie were when Morgan got feedback and replies from people when asked if they knew where OBL is and that he was looking for him. Every single one of them, all Muslim, had negatives thought about the $25 million man (thats how much his bounty was when the film was shot). There was one interview with a Palestinian man and i liked what he said.

Morgan : Im lookin for Osama bin Laden.
Palestinian dude : They hate him.
Morgan : Palestinians do?
Palestinian dude : Palestinians yeah.
Morgan : Why do they hate him?
Palestinian dude : Because he likes blood. He's a ridiculous Muslim. He gives a bad picture about Islam.

Morgan even stopped by Tora Bora, the last place OBL was seen. There's a funny part where Morgan peeks into a cave and says Yoo Hoo! Osama? Haha.

Well in the end they didn't find Osama bin Laden but I have a feeling that not very long from now, his face will be splashed all over newspapers around the globe. You can run and hide Osama but you can't run and hide forever.

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