I missed the debate

I missed the second US Presidential debate this morning at 9am because i had Chemistry class at 8. Haih. So disappointing. So at the dinner table i asked my dad how the debate went. He told me that Obama won by a landslide, according to CNN polls. Here are some of the poll results after the debate.

Who did better? 54% Obama 30% McCain
Who would be a better leader? 54% Obama 43% McCain
Who was more likable? 65% Obama 28% McCain
Who was more intelligent? 57% Obama 25% McCain
Who attacked his opponent more? 63% McCain 17% Obama

Well it looks like two for two for Obama so far. This time around winning in a more convincing fashion. Well those who are interested in catching the next debate, set your calendars for the 16th of this month. It'll be the last presidential debate before election day on November 4th.

Anybody watched the debate this morning? Let me know and tell me what you think about it.

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