Everton 1-1 Manchester United

This sucks. Already 6 points behind Chelsea and Liverpool, Man U fail to make up some ground after giving up a one-goal lead in the first half away to Everton.

The first half United were fine and cruising, dominating possession and goal-scoring chances. The second half wasn't as good. It all went to hell when Ferdinand made a couple of errors. Man U conceded a lousy goal from a cross. Apparently the scorer, Marouane Fellaini (pic) is damn good at headers. And he scored with one. I think its the hair. Hahaha. Check it out!!

So anyways, a poor second half performance from the Devils. Proved costly. Haih.

Hero of the game: Marouane Fellaini
Villain of the game: Rio Ferdinand. Grr.

Im soo not in the mood right now.

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