What's on the tube this week?

Football Focus with John Dykes

On ESPN Astro channel 812
Tuesday 2000
Get your weekly dose of footie talk from around Europe in Football Focus with John Dykes and four other ESPNStar football pundits.

US Presidential Debate 2008

On CNN Astro Channel 511
Wednesday 0900
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Wednesday morning? Check out the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees fight it out in front of a worldwide audience in their second debate. The last debate was a tight one but Barack Obama edged John McCain to win on the night.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 3

On AXN Astro channel 701
Thursday 2100

Catch the fifth instalment of the new season of the asian version of the ever so popular reality show The Amazing Race. Join host Allan Wu and teams from all over Asia as they race to the finish line for the prize of $100,000.

The Pursuit of Happyness

On HBO Astro channel 411
Friday 2100
Catch this wonderful movie based on the true life struggles of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, a homeless salesman that finally makes it big in the stockbroking industry. Smith is joined by his very own son, Jaden Smith who plays Chris Gardner's son in the movie. This movie is beautifully acted out, especially by Jaden Smith who was only 7 years old when the film was shot. This highly acclaimed movie is also highly recommended by me for the whole family.

World Cup 2010 Qualifiers
Club football is off this weekend as the qualifiers for the next World Cup in South Africa takes place all around the world. Catch all the action on Astro Supersport channel 811 on Saturday and the wee hours of Sunday morning. Check back here for all the updates I round up all the scores frome this round of matches.

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