America's Got Talent *SPOILER*

I just finished watching the latest season of AGT and the Finale was full of talent.

This was the result of the Finale :
1st place - Neal E. Boyd
2nd place - Eli Mattson
3rd place - Nuttin' But Strings
4th place - Donald Braswell
5th place - Queen Emily

I've been following AGT ever since last year's season which was season 2. This season 3's talent has been pretty good but nothing compare's to Season 2 winner Terry Fator. That guy was just a super talent machine. You think a person with one talent is cool? Well Terry Fator has THREE talents. Not only is he a ventriliquist, but he also sings thru his ventriliquism. Not only does he sing thru his ventriliquism, but he imitates voices of famous singers. So when Terry Fator is performing, the dude has a puppet in one hand, and he sings into the mike but doesn't move his lips and he sounds like someone else ALL AT ONCE. Basically he's a one man show. Awesome! If ever you get the chance, see him in Vegas. That's one of the perks of winning AGT. Not only did he win a cool $1,000,000 (that's One Million US Dollars if the zeroes are confusing you), but he also got his very own show in Las Vegas and he signed huge, huge, huge contract to perform in Vegas. He signed up for five years and guess how much he's gonna be paid in five years?? Not one million. Not ten million. ONE HUNDRED MILLION US DOLLARS!!! THAT'S $100,000,000!!! Well lucky him. We should all learn to be a ventriliquist who sings and imitates people's voices.

As for Season 3, Neal E. Boyd is a really big fella who can belt out a note. Seriously he's an opera singer and a pretty good one at that. I liked him but my favorite was Eli Mattson. Too bad he didn't win. Third place was pretty good too. Two black brothers who play the violin to the background of hip-hop music. How cool is that?? Classical mashed with hip-hop. I think it was a mistake for America to choose Neal E. Boyd as the winner. Although he's a good opera singer, he was a crybaby, no disrespect to him. He was just over-emotional and i think he was taking advantage of that to win America's votes. Also I don't think an opera act can hold up in Vegas. Eli Mattson on the other hand, he can hold his own. The easiest way for me to put how his music is like...his voice-Elton John. his piano- Elton John. He reminds me so much if the great, gay Sir Elton but at the same time has an original, husky sound to his voice. Which is nice. But if you want to get goosebumps and get that tingling sensation like how you did when you listened to Il Divo sing or when you watched Transformers, then you got to, got to, got to listen to Neal E. Boyd sing. Especially the song that he sang three times in the whole contest, only the greatest, most popular opera song of all time, Nessun Dorma. All three of those performances were truly sensational. But on a darker note, i doubt he'll have much of a career in Vegas. But people, do look out for Eli Mattson. He definitely has a career ahead of him. Oh and ladies, did i mention he's pretty good looking? Haha.

Oh and i almost forgot. Leona Lewis performed at the finale and it made me think that among the current singers right now i think she has the nicest, most natural voice and she sounds awesome even when she's live.

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Kelly said...

I'm with ya on that story, I think
Eli should have won also. But, it
has turned out good for him too. He
just signed on with Sony/Epic Records, and is on his way to LA to
start co-writing and producing in
January. I'm going to see his last
small venue performance in Madison
Wisconsin Dec. 26-28 at the Ivory Room Piano Bar, before he gets so
popular I won't be able to get tickets.

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