The Walt Disney Company To Buy Marvel Entertainment For $4 Billion


I know this is pretty old news by now but I just want to write about what this deal means to everything Disney and Marvel we consume. After the announcement was made that Disney were to buy Marvel for $4 billion in cash and stocks, fanboys all over the world went “NOOOO!!” in tandem. It is pretty scary to know that fewer companies are controlling the content we consume but there are plenty of positives that can be taken out of this deal.

First off, Disney have already said that they will not interfere with the current Marvel management. Which means we will not see Mickey-man or High School Musical Origins: Troy, which is a good thing. From here on it’s just uphill.

Imagine what a powerhouse company like Disney can do with the 5,000-odd characters from the Marvel catalogue. They have already stated their plans to work on lesser known Marvel characters which should be good news for fanboys.

Also, there is the AWESOME possibility of having Pixar work on some Marvel movies. And with their Disney-ABC Television Group, don’t be too surprised to see superhero TV series to start popping up in the future and kicking Heroes’ butt.

Disney are of course known for their straight-to-television, low-budget movies like the first two High School Musicals and numerous others. So there that possibility of them making superhero movies for the Disney channel. The only problem would be the inability to include violence in the movies.

Putting the film and television industries aside, Disney also have the largest collection of theme parks and imagine how epic it would be to have Marvel superhero amusement rides.

Of course, everything above is completely hypothetical and only time will tell whether this deal will be a good one for fanboys and the general consumer alike. If Disney do what they say and leave the Marvel team to do their own thing, then I think we have nothing to worry about but a lot to be excited for. I know I’m excited!

Feel free to let me know what you think of this merger. I forgot to mention that $4 billion is a ridiculous amount of money! Spare change for Disney though, I bet.

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