First Look At Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith In Kung-Fu Kid


When I first heard about our favorite The Karate Kid would be remade I was like “Oh no”. When I heard that Jackie Chan would play Mr. Miyagi and Jayden Smith as the kid, Daniel LaRusso, I was like “Oh noeeessssssss”.

Luckily they’ve decided to change it up a bit and now the official title is Kung-Fu Kid. It makes things a little better. The deal is that Dre (Hayden Smith) is a video game-loving skateboarder who’s forced to move to China with his mother (Taraji P. Henson). Dre finds it hard to settle in and doesn’t understand or speak Mandarin. He gets beat up and as a result receives kung-fu training from maintenance man, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) and Mandarin lessons.

These two pictures are the first to come out of the set of the film. In the picture below, at first glance I thought Jackie Chan looked like Sly Stallone. Right?


Kung-Fu Kid is directed by Harald Zwart and produced by Jaden Smith’s dad, mega-star Will Smith. The film will get a US release on June 11th of next year. There’s no news on a Malaysian release date just yet.

Source: /Film

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