15Malaysia: Meter by Benji and Bahir


As we come to the end of the 15 short films there are quite a few that will really stand out and be remembered. One of those will definitely be Meter. Meter is by far and wide the most enjoyable short so far and I must say features some great acting from politician Khairy Jamaluddin. And big props has got to be given to Baki Zainal. I am a new fan. Others well known names in this short include model Amber Chia, the controversial Namewee and local artist Jason Lo. This is a must watch. So watch now! Must! Haha.

The controversial head of UMNO Youth plays a taxi driver who is asked his views on some current Malaysian talking points. He ends up offering a keris to a Chinese boy as a gift.

Next up: Duit Kecil

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Desmond said...

Fantastic video.

Somehow, Namewee is becoming a real celebrity.

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