Opening This Week: The Final Destination

I hope this is THE final destination if you know what I mean.

The Final Destination (2009)
Starring: Bobby Campo, Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Shantel VanSanten
Directed by: David R. Ellis
USA release: August 28
Msia release: September 2
USA gross: $28,335,000 (Estimate)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes
Rated in USA: R for strong violent/gruesome accidents, language and a scene of sexuality
Rated in Msia: 18SG
IMDb User Rating: 6.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 30%

When Nick O'Bannon had a premonition of a racecar fatally crashing and instantly killing his friends in the most gruesome way, he decided to just shake it off. But when everything looks so real, he began to panic and persuaded the other teenagers to leave the place immediately. Soon after, debris began to fly and all his dreams turn into tragic reality. As for Nick, along with his girlfriend, Lori and her best friend, this is just the beginning. When survivors began to die one-by-one in a most horrifying way one can imagine, Nick must think of a way to cheat Death once more.

It's Final Destination. There's not much to say about it because a whole lot of people know of and love this franchise. I, for one, do not fall into that category. Well sort of. I barely liked the first two, but absolutely hated the last one. It was just an absolute crappy movie. And I have very crappy hopes for this 4th installment. Check it out for yourselves when it hits theaters this Thursday.

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Iszaham said...

To honest, Final destination franchise is try to marks as Saw, Friday th 13th, nightmare on elm street and other franchise. All with same tagline I guess "teenager death movie" TDM! Honestly I do like the 2nd and 3rd FD, both got a great idea for teenager's death. The 1st once was lame and probably the fouth, coz' the trailer were kinda ruin the suprised how they "I mean the teenagers" died.

Probably wait for dvd.

soo said...

cant wait for the thriller

Anonymous said...

fuuhh!! i love the the movie must b thriller enough for me.. cant wait it to hits the theaters

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