First Official Photo From James Cameron’s Avatar

In the wake of having our minds blown by Wikus van de Merwe and Christopher Johnson from District 9, it’s time to look forward to arguably the only other film this year that could possibly be as good as District 9. I’m talking about non other than James Cameron’s Avatar. Yes, that other Sci-Fi flick. Well, here’s a really cool photo of Sam Worthington (yes, the Terminator Salvation dude) in the lead role of his new film. Apparently, he’s in almost every single scene of this movie. So if you don’t like him as an actor, then you’d probably hate Avatar. Take a look at the photo though. If you’re wondering what’s in the tank of water in the background, it’s Sam Worthy’s alien avatar. Cool innit? Check it. from


Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully a paraplegic war veteran, who gets the opportunity to travel to another planet, Pandora, to work with a mining operation. Because the planet is so harsh, traditional armor and envirosuit solutions are not good enough to protect miners, and a clone program has developed in which DNA from humans and Na’vi, the natives that inhabit Pandora, are combined. The result is essentially a cloned Na’vi that can house the consciousness of an individual with human DNA. This means that Jake will be able to walk again.

Avatar gets its release December 18, 2009.

Source: /Film

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James Cameron may be egotistical, but this guy makes fantastic movies and proved the studio and the critics wrong with Titanic. Sam Worthington look o-kay in this picture. Im excited this friday for Avatar Sneek Peek..

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