Ricky Gervais Invents Lying

I have never been a fan of Ricky Gervais. But I did find the trailer for his new movie, which he acts in, co-wrote and co-directed with Matthew Robinson, The Invention of Lying very funny.

The idea of the movie is that Mark (Gervais) lives in an alternate world where nobody lies. At all. People only speak the truth and what's on their minds. All the time. That is, of course, until Mark finds out how to do the most amazing thing ever. Lie. From then on, he is able to influence people easily and things start to change.

The premise is an incredibly clever and interesting one. There are plenty of well-known actors in this movie. The cast boasts the names of Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, Louis C.K., Rob Lowe and Patrick Stewart as the narrator. Enough talk, below I've embedded the trailer.

There is an alternate trailer but has crappy video quality so I didn't embed that. I thought it was a little bit funnier than the trailer below. If you want to see it, just click here.

The Invention of Lying gets an American release September 25. Unfortunately, there is no news of when we'll get it here in Malaysia.

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