2012 Official Trailer Is EPIC

Ever since the epic teaser for 2012, which you can see here, there hasn’t been much talk about the film. In the past couple of days, the official trailer of 2012 was made available on Yahoo! with a little intro by director Roland Emmerich. Name sounds familiar? Well, he was the main man behind one of my favorite movies ever- Independence Day. He also did The Day After Tomorrow and unfortunately, 10,000 BC. This guy seems to like his disaster movies and so do I.

I’m a huge sucker for disaster films. All the avalanches, mass flooding, tidal waves, city incineration, skyscrapers collapsing, asteroids colliding and just massive destruction in general, does something to me. I don’t know what. There is plenty of that in the trailer for 2012 and I cannot wait until this comes out. I must say, though, that the CG looked a little shabby in parts. But its all goood. Enjoy. Full screen HD viewing is highly recommended.

The film stars John Cusack, which is good, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover and Oliver Platt. Expect 2012 to be in theaters November 12.

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