Eminem gets Gay Austrian Ass in the Face at the MTV Movie Awards


At the recent 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Brüno, dressed up in an angel costume and was hung from the ceiling with a harness. His grand entrance apparently went haywire and he landed on Eminem, ass in his face, who was seated in a sea of celebrities. Eminem started yelling. Immediately, Eminem’s entourage began shoving Brüno off him. Eminem looked pissed and walked out of the show.

So, the question is, was this staged? Was Eminem in on the act? Or was Brüno being Brüno, catching Eminem by surprise? I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it was staged. First of all, it didn’t look convincing at all. Eminem wasn’t as pissed as he should have been. But more importantly, if you watch the video below, you will see that right before Brüno comes crashing down, the camera focuses right in on Eminem. It was so obvious that the camera knew that Eminem was going to be Brüno’s landing point. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Tell me what you think. Staged? Or totally unbeknownst to Eminem?

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maRCus said...

hahahaha.. dam funny! my take:

i think someone wants to get back at eminem. LOL. and because they knew he isnt gona win, they made him part of the act.. haha..

but eminem didnt know it. he looks surprised. haha

i just cudnt believe it that Bruno gave away the award while being suspended in the air, shoved around, with ASS showing! LOL

Doctor Popcorn said...

i dunno man. i still think everything was set up.

Anonymous said...

me thinks it is set up

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