Home, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

home-2009-film-yann-arthus-bertrand_p3c Today is World Environment Day (WED) and in conjunction with this, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's documentary called Home is being released in 50 countries across the world in movie theaters, and also on the Internet, all for free. It is a beautiful documentary, narrated by Glenn Close, tributed to our beautiful planet Earth with amazing shots of 54 countries captured from above. I've seen the first five minutes of the film and it's so beautiful. This is the opening monologue in the first two minutes.

Listen to me, please. You're like me. A Homo sapiens. A wise human. Life. A miracle in the Universe appeared around 4 billion years ago. And we humans, only 2 hundred thousand years ago. Yet, we have succeeded in disrupting the balance that is so essential to life. Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.

I saw that this film was being released in the cinemas here in Malaysia but I cannot find when and where it's showing. So if you're out and want to see a movie, check and see if Home is showing at the cinema you're at. Alternatively, you can watch it online for free over at YouTube. I'll link it below. So be sure to check it out. I've already begun loading the video. I'll wait until it's done loading (which will take a while) before I watch it all. Oh, you should know that it's an hour and a half long. If you've had problems loading a 10 minute video on YouTube in the past, then you might want to catch Home in theaters.

Either click on the picture above or click here to go to the Home YouTube page. Check out the whole page. There’s tons of interesting stuff to read. So enjoy and Happy World Environment Day. Let’s save our Home.

Update: Home will be available for viewing on YouTube only until June 14. So hurry and watch it.

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