Full Trailer for District 9 is Awesome!

My mind was already blown after seeing the teaser trailer for Neill Blomkamp's debut project, District 9. Now, the full trailer for District 9 has been released and it is covered in awesome sauce! I've embedded it below so check it out.

The movie uses a fictional documentary style and revolves around the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Aliens have come to our planet and our now residing in a quarantined area of Jo'burg. Against the aliens' wishes, they aren't allowed to return home by the South African government. The aliens are forced to live on Earth but are not allowed to mix with humans.

If you have not seen the teaser trailer, I strongly advise you watch it before watching the trailer below. In this trailer, the motives for keeping the aliens here are a little clearer and there are more action scenes. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

Produced my Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, District 9 is set for release August 14 in the US. We in Malaysia will get it a day earlier.

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BernardC said...

great...i hope the they really shows it on 13 august..

LOL..i did the same post at greenteamovie.blogspot.com

BTW, u work in 8tv?

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