First Look at Tony Stark’s Mark IV Iron Man Suit

If you’re a big comic book fan or even if you just watched the Iron Man movie, then you should know that there were 3 versions of the suit- the one Stark built in a cave to bust out of it, the prototype suit and of course the final red and gold suit.

A little under a week ago, Jon Favreau Tweeted that they had wrapped production of Iron Man 2. Just about a day or two ago in San Diego at Comic-Con, a picture of all three suits including a brand new one on show at the Marvel booth, was taken. Check it out below.


Very cool eh? Let’s zoom in a little bit.


Here you can see that the Mark III suit (left) that was in the last film is similar to the Mark IV suit which we will see in the next film. Also, the Mark IV suit is much less bulky and looks sleeker than the Mark III. How will this look on RDJ? We’ll just have to wait until the movie gets release to find out. And that will be May 7 of next year.


Here’s the Mark IV suit all by its lonesome.

Source: Screen Rant

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Iszaham said...

Amazingly, just brilliant stuff they've show at Comic-Con 2009 Sad Diego Cinvention Center. They're lucky people who been at there.

The first four suit look awesome Mike, really amazing who they make it real this day. Can't wait to the movie next year.

Haven't you hear, people at Comic-Con already watch the sneek peek at Iron Man 2. I think the scene at Racer car where Whisplash make a scene.

Sure the footage will leak in a few days.

Best Regards,

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