Third Wolverine Trailer (Of Sorts)

Apple has made available on the web, what is believed to be the third and most probably final X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer. Its strange because Apple has said its an "Exclusive Clip" but it totally looks like a trailer, and it we're only a week away from its official release.

With only a week til the release, the people over at 20th Century Fox must have thought there's no harm in putting out another trailer and it might help combat the piracy of the leaked workprint copy. Also, this trailer might be an alternate cut or a combination of different cuts that were just thrown together.

In any case, the trailer is the best one of all. Gives us more of a look into the story and its characters. Watch it on the Apple site or just click on the picture above. Remember to click on "Exclusive Clip".

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens April 29.

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