Bootleg Third Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

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A little while back I brought you a little something from Michael Bay's blog where he says that Steven Spielberg told him that Transformers 2 was awesome. In that same post, Bay said that they were just finishing up the third trailer which was to be attached to Wolverine.

Some guy recorded the trailer at the Wolverine screening and it has found its way onto the Internet. There is more dialogue in this trailer and it gives us more of an idea how the film will look like, as oppose to the previous two trailers which only had really awesome massive robot action scenes.

Having found this, how could I have not shared this with you guys right? So here is the very blurry and shaky third trailer for Revenge of the Fallen.

This trailer will officially be available on the web on Friday. Be sure to catch it here on Doctor Popcorn.

*Disclaimer: Doctor Popcorn is not liable for your eyesight going bad. =)

3 comment/s:

Aaroni said...

wowowOWOW!!!!! that was like the highlight of my life for today!

Doctor Popcorn said...

Dude. That made no sense. Haha.

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