Movie Review: Unstoppable


Many would say Unstoppable is Speed with trains. I guess you could say that to a certain degree. But Speed will never be as ridiculous as Unstoppable. Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington), a railway engineer is paired up with rookie conductor Will Colson (Chris Pine) for their first day on the job together when disaster strikes. As they are out on the tracks doing what they do, the discover that there is another train that's unmanned and carrying toxic substances heading down to Scranton, PA, a city of high population. Against orders from higher up, Frank and Will go after the rogue train and try to stop it before it causes some serious destruction. This movie is based loosely on true events.


There are two things wrong with this movie - it's ridiculous and Chris Pine is in it. Chris Pine is awesome and I think he's a great actor, which is why it baffles me that he's in a movie like this. It isn't contributing to his push to being one of Hollywood's leading men like how Star Trek did. Then you say what about Denzel? He's one of Hollywood's leading men and he's in this movie. Well, to that, I say to you, he can do whatever the f*** he wants. He's Denzel! I really didn't get Chris Pine's involvement in this movie. I just couldn't connect with his character.

If I directed this movie, first off, it would be a crappy movie, and secondly, it would be half an hour long. The whole middle part of this movie is ridiculous and could have been done away with. But that would have been impossible because then we wouldn't have a movie. With such a premise, there isn't many ways to make a movie that wouldn't be ridiculous and having said all this, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and how Tony Scott shot it.


There is so much suspense in this film I almost soiled myself. Okay, maybe not, or maybe I did. Anyways, the way things fall together in this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and really accentuates the cinema experience. If you're in the hunt for some brainless action and suspense, go check out Unstoppable. It'll be worth your money. And you could share with me your pants soiling experience. No? Okay, maybe not.

Unstoppable opens in theaters November 11 and I give it a 6 out of 10 Popcorns.

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