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Let Me In is based on one of my most favorite foreign films- the Swedish Let The Right One In. I’m horribly dreading this movie just because I loved the original so much. The plot is relatively simple.

Young boy meets young girl.

Young boy likes young girl.

Young boy becomes friends with young girl.

Young boy learns that young girl is a vampire who’s gone around town killing people.

Young boy confused.

Honestly, every moment of the original movie is beautiful. The child actors were great. The wintry tundra setting was amazing. I’m just so afraid Hollywood is going to mess this up. Anyways, here is the trailer to the remake- Let Me In. And then right after that, the trailer to Let The Right One In. Check them both out. I personally found the latter one to be more gripping.

Let Me In is directed by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves, and stars child actors Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz who played the foul-mouthed Hit-Girl in Kick Ass.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Let Me In, tells a terrifying tale about an alienated 12-year old boy named Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who is viciously bullied by his classmates and neglected by his divorcing parents. Achingly lonely, Owen spends his days plotting revenge on his middle school tormentors and his evenings spying on the other inhabitants of his apartment complex. His only friend is his new neighbor Abby (Chloe Moretz), an eerily self-possessed young girl who lives next door with her silent father (Oscar® nominee Richard Jenkins). A frail, troubled child about Owens’s age, Abby emerges from her heavily curtained apartment only at night and always barefoot, seemingly immune to the bitter winter elements. Recognizing a fellow outcast, Owen opens up to her and before long, the two have formed a unique bond.

The film will get an American release October 1, but there is no word of a Malaysian release yet. Chances are, we won’t even get distribution here.

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Remo Williams said...

I have seen the original and have read the book and can't wait for this Matt Reeve's adaptation. There's a lot of critism over the Internet about this remake but I believe this film is different from the original. But, unfortunately, the film seem doesn't have a release date here in Malaysia. So I guess I'll have to go over the causeway (Shaw Singapore confirm have a releasing date of 28th Oct 2010) just to see the movie. After all, it is worth to see Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) sucking people's blood!

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