Iron Man 2 Trailer #2

The first Iron Man 2 trailer premiered almost three months ago and it's about time the second one came out. Here it is on YouTube after it premiered on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

In this one, there a lot less humor but we see a lot more action with the suit. Whiplash gets more screen time in this trailer and we see Nick Fury once again. Also, we get to see more of James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/War Machine, played by Don Cheadle.

The end sequence of the trailer is the best part, so watch til the end! Enjoy!

Iron Man 2 hits our screens April 30, a whole week before the USA. Woohoo!

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kenwooi said...

yeah portable suit! awesome! =D

Nikolai said...

This trailer is great because it is a new trailer for Iron Man 2: The Dark Nights and the old trailer makes me think it is going to smell like my Grammas bathroom after my Uncle Dmitri comes out but now I see this and I think it will be more like when a girl asks me if she can get pregnant from sex in a butt and I dont know what to do so I say "okay" (and she didnt not get pregnant. SWEET!)

The beggining of this trailer is so inspirational to me because Sherlock Homes flies into a Justin Timberlake concert and there is a American Flag like General Pattons movie and I get tears because it is my dream to do the same thing except my arrival will be more sweet because Amedeus and Emmanuel will do flying Jason Statham karate kicks behind me while I talk to my fans.

One things that is great about this new one and not so grat about this old one is that I am like "why a fuck is no one shooting The Wrestlers threw his wips because he has no fucking armors dumb fuck shit nuts!?" but now they show me that it happens in a Monacos so I am like "oh it is because they are in a France with the pussies who is a bitches who are scared of whips and who dont like guns." The movie makers did so much research for that part I am impressed.

I cannot tell what they are saying because they have not yet invented a babelfish at for movie tralers but i dont need to no because they have a new suit for Mister Watsons who is now black and he has a gatling gun on his shoulder so best actor goes to him and best suit with a gun on the shoulder goes to IM2:TDN. Then there are other robots and they fight in a pond. Okay!

Scarlet Van Wilder looks so short and ugly but for some reasons my boners got so big and now I have to go to the bathroom really quickly. Okay I am back. Then there are so many fast shots of things I cant not follow because I am still hanging over from my Chimays that Soren gave me yesterday.

If The Wrestlers is going to want to win a Oscar for this he needs to have a DUIs and die in a house of a Full House twins because his accent is a shit like Heath Ledger is making a bad impression of a French Stewarts from 3rd Rock of a Sun but because he is dead no one say shit.

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