Mickey Rourke as Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2

I rarely feature any news on Doctor Popcorn, but I here's an instance where I'm going to.

Following his amazing performance in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke's comeback continues with the news that he has officially signed on to be the villain in Iron Man 2. Rourke was supposedly being considered for the Spiderman 4 villain role, but I'm happy he landed the Iron Man 2 job. Can't wait to see the film.

Here is what Rourke's character looks like. I give you Crimson Dynamo (who is Russian by the way). I hope Rourke will do the accent well.

Since we're on the topic of Iron Man 2, here's an awesome picture of the set of Tony Stark's home being built, Tweeted by Jon Favreau a couple of days ago. Incredibly cool! I love Twitter! Check this out.

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coffee maker said...

Mickey Roarke has the evil villain look down pretty good without even trying

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