2008 - A Tribute To The Movies

Yesterday I showed you guys the compilation video made by Matt Shapiro. Today, I have another collage/compilation video of 2008 movies, created by Kees van Dijkhuizen, who is only 15-years old and already an amazing editor.

Enjoy, comment and share.

3 comment/s:

Pison The Great said...

IMO, this tribute is better than the previous one. The magic begins at 3.36. :D

And it has a part that commemorates the late actors. Nostalgic.

Wonder why Msian Movie Industry doesnt show Frost/nixon here.


doctorpopcorn said...

Don't expect many Oscar worthy films to be shown here.

Pison The Great said...

yet MFI wants too shoow only good movies here, so that it can boost the audience interest to local movies...

How ironic, rite?

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